MENA Esports Cup is back

Call for registrations – UAE nationals!

In October 2023, Jordan will host third edition of the MENA Esports Cup.

The MENA Esports Cup is an annual Esports event that brings together professional racers from across the MENA region for thrilling competitions and showcases the pinnacle of virtual racing talent.

  • Either a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 device.
  • Gran Turismo 7 Game.
  • Vehicle Groups allowed are ‘Gr.4’ / ‘Gr.3’ / ‘Gr.1’
  • All Races will be conducted under ‘Balance of Performance (BOP)’ and ‘Tuning Prohibited’ settings.
Eligible competitors – UAE qualifiers
  • UAE nationals.
  • Minimum age of any driver is 16 years.
  • Each driver must have a valid PlayStation Network Account and a valid PlayStation Plus Subscription at the time the qualifiers start and in the finals.

Where to register

Step 1

UAE nationals who want to participate must register on the official platform:

Final day for registration is 4th September

Step 2

Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) competitor’s licence is mandatory for all UAE nationals. You can apply for the licence (free of charge) on the EMSO website:

More info:

Competition format

Stage 1  Registration (18th July  4th September) and MENA National Pre-Qualifier

The Pre-Qualifiers will be conducted as a 30 min Time-Trial event. Top 12 UAE nationals from the Pre-Qualifiers will participate in the MENA Qualifier.


Stage 2 – MENA National Qualifier Race (9th September)


Single race will be organized for the 12 UAE nationals and broadcasted on YouTube. Top 2 competitors from this qualifier race will qualify for the MENA Cup Regional


Stage 3 – MENA Regional Qualifier (19th September)


Top 28 competitors from the MENA national qualifiers will compete in the MENA Regional Qualifier. The top 20 competitors from the region will be invited to Amman to participate in the MENA Cup Finals.


Stage 4 – MENA Cup Finals (October)
Top 20 competitors from the MENA region will compete in Amman / Jordan in October. Final event will be held in an auditorium in front of a live audience.

At the end of this event the MENA Esports Champion will be crowned.