For Motorsports Enthusiasts who want to be a part of Motorsports' action-packed journey.

EMSO is a Regional Training Provider, who have a wealth of resources and dedicated professionals who can guide you, whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice in the field of Motorsports.
The e-learning platform of Motorsport Knowledge Institute is a proven quality enhanced set of programmes that are mandatory for every motorsport official to undertake before officiating at events. Each individual is provided training, free of cost, on the different verticals of Motorsports officiating, and are tested at the end of each course. Successful candidates are then inducted into officiating events where they undergo further hands-on training.
Emirates Motorsport Organization has put together a team of veteran officials, who are constantly on the lookout for like-minded and skilled individuals to extend their expertise to officiate all EMSO-sanctioned Motorsport Events.

If you are interested in being a part of the action, you may reach out to us by filling up the below form which will then be evaluated by the Committee for screening and eligibility approval procedures.
The Officials Management System, OMS, was created by EMSO in 2019 as a tool to manage all the volunteers and officials within the UAE. It was developed to facilitate their needs and requirements around any motorsports event organized in the UAE, with added features to mirror the digital world we are now living in. The OMS is a one-stop portal for Officials who have been trained and are qualified to participate in Motorsport events. It is a skill-based system that automatically shows you events that you are currently qualified to officiate.

After 3 years of using the system, EMSO have introduced several new additions and upgrades to the software which aim to make the experience efficient and user friendly. Please take your time in going through the Officials Guide and get the latest news and features.



Key Points of the OMS

Qualified Officials Only

The system is tightly controlled by a set of experts who have evaluated the individual on their capability to officiate within their capacity.


The training provided to achieve a particular role is rigorous and ensures that the official is well qualified and knowledgeable in the Motorsport verticals.


As a norm, the OMS is strictly digital, with accompanying mobile applications that enable an official to quickly officiate an event and have fun doing so at the same time.

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Track your progress at our Training Platform - MKI.
Courses which you have completed and pursuing can be tracked along with results.

National Sporting Code – Code of Conduct