In every sport it is the athlete who claims the headlines for their achievements, but behind each of them is a team.

In the world of motorsport, engineers, mechanics, strategists and a host of others strive tirelessly to get their driver over the line first. Even further behind the scenes, though, is a group of unsung heroes, without whom motorsport would not exist.

Volunteers and officials are the backbone of motorsport, and their dedication ensures the efficient and safe running of events across the world. The importance of raising awareness, and giving thanks, to volunteers who devote their time to carrying out a wide range of crucial roles cannot be overstated.

EMSO continues to encourage more people to take a look at the exciting opportunities on offer, whether it be as a marshal, a race official, or even a part of the SAR and Sweep teams, and more information on all the roles available can be found in the OMS (Officials Management System),

Volunteering in motorsport is the best way to join the racing community and get closer to your heroes and others. Not only does it offer access to events, volunteering also provides an opportunity to share once in a lifetime experiences with friends.

Taking part in motorsport as a volunteer not only gets you close to the action, it also offers the chance to encounter likeminded people who share the passion for sport and volunteering, making the activity a great opportunity to share  time with peers and make new acquittances.  EMSO is inspiring more people of all ages to get involved and become part of the global family that keeps motorsport on track.

In EMSO’S database, the Officials Management System (OMS), there are currently over2500 active volunteers, and the search for more is ongoing! As motorsport continues to grow in popularity, more volunteers are needed to meet demand, and that demand extends beyond just Formula 1 events.

EMSO’s trained teams are officiating at EMSO sanctioned events, such as the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, the mythical FIA & FIM Rally-Raid World Championship’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Dubai International Baja (closing round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Bajas & FIM Bajas World Cup) down to National levels, including automotive and karting events at venues across the UAE.

The first step to becoming an EMSO sanctioned motorsport official is attending mandatory training sessions and successfully passing the assessment. While volunteering in motorsport is a rewarding experience, it is essential that volunteers are properly trained as safety is paramount for all attending a motorsport event.

Officiating at National level comes next, providing new volunteers with first-hand experience at events throughout the UAE. Once a volunteer has gained sufficient experience, he or she can then start officiating at international events such as Formula 1.

25 experienced EMSO volunteers attended the F1 in Baku this year, receiving their reward for the hard work they put in to qualify. Becoming an EMSO volunteer requires dedication, but whether you volunteer as a group, or on your own, it is a way of gaining new knowledge, new experiences, and new stories to tell – all from a front row seat.

If you want to become member of the EMSO motorsport volunteer family, send your inquiry to and our specialized team will assist you.